Wise Card Rewards Program (WCRP)

Wise Health Card is not only the most Revolutionary Health Card in the market today, Wise Health Card is simply amazing because it literally sets the New Standard for the industry.

No one has ever done this before. Both the single and family plan offers the Referenced Based Pricing, as well as the wide range of discounted programs.

That would be an amazing deal in its self. Wise Health Card has taken it to a level never before heard of with the Wise Card Rewards Program.

Wise Health Card is not traditional insurance. WHC was designed to save you and your family the maximum amount of money possible through our impressive discount program.

Regardless of claims, that’s right I said regardless of claims, we actually encourage you to use the program as much as possible, it is designed to save you money. As a THANK YOU for your loyalty, we give you money back.

We had a 5 year program, that after 5 years of continuous membership, you would qualify for 20 % of your membership fee's back. That is absolutely ground breaking, nobody else does that.

GREAT just got even BETTER

What you are going to discover not just with the Rewards Program, but with all of the benefits of W.H.C.. We are always searching for ways to improve W.H.C., that includes adding new benefits at no additional cost to our membership.

This is a perfect example of that, and this is how the New and Improved Rewards Program works.

We now have a 3, 5, and a 7 year program, because we know life happens. This gives you a way to access cash, when you have a need arise - you can choose to cash out on either the 3, 5, or 7 year program. Cashing out DOES NOT cancel your membership, it simply resets your time to when you choose to cash out the next time.

Use the W.H.C. Program as much as you possibly can, then choose the 3, 5, or 7 year Reward Program, and get money back.

You tell me, have you ever heard of anything that even comes close to this in your life !

You get the health coverage you are looking for and need today (without all the hassle that goes along with traditional insurance, because we are NOT traditional insurance), and qualify for cash when you may need it the most.

DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC ! Here is what you need to do next :

  1. Take the next 2 minutes and get signed up
  2. Print off your card and start using it immediately
  3. Your membership starts the process to qualify for money back
  4. Tell all your friends
  5. If you go through a Broker, tell him you want W.H.C. today